The Luciferian Illuminati NWO

1) The Luciferian Illuminati NWO must destroy Christianity and Islam to make way for their one world government and one world Luciferian religion.
WW3 Illuminati Seeks to Destroy Christianity and Islam - World War 3

2)The Illuminati Luciferian Albert Pike said in his Masonic Book Morales and Dogma:
"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agents" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic Wo...

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The Learned Elders of Zion.

This is a video preview of Dr. David Duke's new book, The Illustrated Protocols of Zion is an historical and literary valuation of the original Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

He presents the case that Protocols of Zion could well be titled the Protocols of "Zionism" in that it predicts many of the horrific wars and conflicts right down to the issues in the Israel or "Zion" of today and associated with Zionist power and influence that goes far beyond the borders of Israel.

In this video and and his book upon which it is based, he shows that many of the most radical claims of the Protocols are today proclaimed by Zionists themselves around the world. such as domination of media, banking, and extensive power and influence in America, the EU and in many governments around the world.

He quotes leading and influential Zionists and Zionist media in showing that many of the most important underlying themes can be be documented in historical and contemporary terms.

Dr. Duke points out its true history. He argues that the Protocols is obviously not the secret meeting of earlocked "Elders of Zion" anymore than 1984 is a true account of Big Brother or Oceania.

He examines it as dystopian literature that is amazingly prescient and predictive since its publishing well over a century ago.

This video and the powerful underlying book The Illustrated Protocols of Zion are essential materials to understanding the Zionist issue from all perspectives.

A Phd in History, Dr. Duke shows how vital assertions of the Protocols can be historically and contemporaneously documented and that many of the most shocking claims of the Protocols can be found in even more extreme expression by modern Zionism. A PhD, Dr. David Duke served in the House of Representatives-LA (1989-1993) and has lectured in over 200 universities ...


Under Pressure GPs Striking Off Thousands- Are They Targeting Those Who Need The Most Care?



Thousands of patients are being arbitrarily struck off by GPs who say they can no longer cope with spiralling numbers.

Doctors warned last night that a recruitment crisis has left surgeries with too few staff.

This means they are being forced to ‘deregister’ patients – many of whom are elderly and have been with the same practice all their lives.

Yesterday the Daily Mail highlighted the case of 95-year-old Lily Dove, one of 1,500 patients randomly struck off by a surgery in Watton, Norfolk, which is under pressure from rising immigration and retirees.

The widow, who has lived in the area since 1919 and remembers when the doctor would visit her family in a horse and trap, has a number of health problems.

But senior GPs say her case is far from isolated and illustrates a national problem. They say other practices in England have been forced to deregister up to 100 patients at a time.



Doctors’ leaders argue that they have no choice but to remove patients because the lack of GPs means they cannot provide care that is safe and of high quality.

But relatives and patients fear vulnerable patients are being deliberately removed from lists because they take up the most time and require such dedicated care.

Other patients furious to have been kicked off their doctor’s books yesterday included an 80-year-old widow, a double amputee and a mother of 11 children.

In another example, a practice deregistered a nursing home of 59 residents, many of whom have Alzheimer’s, because of a ‘big change in workload’.

GPs say the profession is facing a recruitment crisis as their colleagues opt for early retirement or a move abroad. They are not being replaced by younger staff, who are often opting for hospital-based careers.

In the case of Watton, which is about 20 miles west of Norwich, surgeries are under pressure from a sudden rise in retirees and immigrants moving to the area.

Last night health minister Earl Howe intervened in the case of Mrs Dove, who lives alone, and urged NHS England to ‘urgently’ look into the circumstances of her being struck off. He told GPs to ensure they provided ‘excellent care’ for all their patients, particularly the over-75s and those with long-term health conditions.

But it has since emerged that Mrs Dove’s surgery, Watton Medical Practice, has also removed other vulnerable patients including a 47-year old former soldier who has lost both legs due to severe diabetes.

Dave Pendry, who is wheelchair-bound, now faces a 14-mile round trip to see his new GP in the village of East Harling.

Kirsty Hutchinson, a mother to 11 children, will have to travel 16 miles every time one of them is ill or needs an injection.

And two elderly widows said they now faced difficult journeys down dangerous country roads to see their doctor.

Other GPs warned that more surgeries would follow suit. Referring to the case in Watton, one GP partner wrote anonymously on the Pulse magazine website: ‘Just wait for the domino effect…’