I recently read a book ' When Sorrows Come ' it could have been about any struggle but the book was about the struggle for freedom from three despotic fronts at the same time .The author Maria Dziedzan is a school teacher whose father was born in the Ukraine and witnessed the daily struggle towards a better life but it was totally thwarted by Stalin's Bullies then the Bolsheviks and Fascists in turn .



I spoke to Maria at the Gedling Book Festival it was being hosted by New Writers UK .I was intrigued why she decided to write the book ,"I remembered stories my father told me of his upbringing and the reality of the daily struggle against oppression ,any struggle means there is oppression present .Considering we live in a Democracy the population are struggling against all sorts of inequalities which I identified with my fathers stories and what is happening in Ukraine at present thats why I decided to write the book " .


I found during reading the book I began to identify with some of the characters ,it has its emotional moments ,its harsh brutal realities but most of all its human frailties and strengths .After I had finished reading it I could totally equate that we are beginning our struggle before it gets to the situation where we end up an Open Totalitarian Society as in the book .Very good read I would recommend it to anyone as a present .Nigel Simmons