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Blair is a Jew who is discussing with a Dictator Merkel how to promote the EU ,if it was that good it would not need it .It has failed miserably and so it deserves to ,we did not enter it Legitimately and the extent of its corruption is beyond any reasoning .Where there is something amiss you will find Blair .



President' Blair's 'plan to save EU': He tells Germany's Merkel he will 'DEFEND EUROPE' from the FAR.RIGHT... fuelling speculation of another bid for the Presidency


The former PM has reportedly had meeting with the German Chancellor, allegedly offering her his services in a high-profile 'pro-European role'The most hated man in Britain has reacted angrily over the claims, saying that he was 'not seeking a new role' after the Financial Times ran a leaked account of his meeting with Angela Merkel last Tuesday.


The newspaper – which enjoys a close relationship with the Brussels elite – said the former PM had made it clear to Ms Merkel that he was willing to ‘defend the EU from its increasingly vocal critics’.A ‘Blair ally’ was quoted as saying that as part of the ‘general catch-up’, Mr Blair and Ms Merkel discussed how to combat gains by anti-EU parties in the Euro elections, with Mr Blair offering to tour Europe and the world persuading people that ‘being in the EU is good for you’ – despite its financial problems and claims that it has lost touch with voters.


But Mr Blair’s office issued a statement yesterday, which insisted: ‘Tony Blair is not seeking any role, has not discussed any role and doesn’t want any role.’ Mr Blair was understood to be particularly angered by any implication that the alleged offer was part of a plot to win the Presidency of the EU when Herman Van Rompuy, who beat Blair to the post in 2009, steps down in November.


But insiders told the MoS they believed it was ‘no coincidence’ that reports of his renewed Brussels ambitions came as EU leaders discussed Van Rompuy’s succession.


The leak of Mr Blair’s bid to be ‘EUROPE'S ANTIDOTE TO NIGEL FARAGE' – as one Eurosceptic Labour source put it – came 24 hours before he makes a speech in London calling on political leaders to hit back hard at ‘POPULISTS’ like Farage.


Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: ‘It was on Tony Blair’s watch that the banking bubble ballooned and we had mass immigration on an unprecedented scale. It was when he was dealing with Europe as Prime Minister that the EU reform agenda fell flat on its face. The idea that he can solve its problems as President is ludicrous. Blair belongs to the past.’He tried then for more integration within the EU ,all it did was increase the mess we are in now .



1. Jun, 2014




Dr. Joseph Mengele was a German physician and a SS Officer in a Nazi concentration camp. He had two doctorate degrees, one from Munich University in anthropology and the other from Frankfurt University as a researcher . He was known for performing experiments on the inmates. He was called the Angel of Death. He liked to do experiments on twins and dwarfs.

Eye Colour ; He thought he could change the eye colour of the children by injecting chemicals into their eyes. He would take a set of twins and use one of them to test his theory of eye color change on. Although, it never worked he kept trying.


Siamese Twins ; He wanted to see what would happen if he created is own set of conjoined twins. He took a set of twins and sewed them together. He supervised the surgery, which included a resection done on the twin’s hands. Their hands became infected and caused them to have gangrene .


Sterilization ; He wanted to test methods to sterilize young women. He subjected a number of them to shock treatments and surgeries. Most of them died, due to the infections the surgery caused or during the procedures .


Blood Transfers ; He would drain the blood from one twin and transfer it to the other. He wanted to see if it would change anything in the other twin. He killed a number of them this way, because he would drain them too much .


Germs ; He would inject a child with a lethal germ. He wanted to study the various stages of how they would react to it.


Sex Change ; He would perform a sex change operation on one twin. He wanted to see if they would react differently being of the opposite sex then as the same sex.


Pregnancies ; He wanted to see what kind of children would come from a brother/sister pair. He was interested in knowing if it was even possible to happen. Every girl that became pregnant while in the concentration camp, under Dr. Mengele’s care, was due to co-incest.


Isolation Endurance ; He wanted to know if twins could survive without each other. He would separate them to see which one could go the longest without the other one. He would lock them up separately without the company of anyone and wait it out.


Removal ; For some reason the thought of twins fascinated him. He wanted to study every aspect of twins. He was known to pick a pair and put them on surgery tables, then he would inject their hearts with chloroform, instantly killing them both. He would then begin the removal of their limbs and organs for the purpose of studying them to the fullest extent .


He escaped to Argentina with the assistance of the Vatican members, na in July 1949. He initially lived in and around Buenos Aires, but fled to Paraguay in 1959 and Brazil in 1960 . In spite of extradition requests by the West German government and clandestine operations by the Mossad (the Israeli intelligence agency), Mengele eluded capture. He drowned while swimming off the Brazilian coast in 1979 and was buried under a false name. His remains were disinterred and positively identified by forensic examination in 1985.