9. Feb, 2014


9. Feb, 2014


£1.5 Billion worth of Contracts have been sold off to Tory Donors under the Health reforms .Who gave David Cameron permission to sell the NHS to his friends .Andrew Lansley as Health Secretary  helped  the process in motion along then was replaced to cover suspicion .

Lansley’s second wife is Sally Low, the managing director of Low Associates it helps people prepare before they give evidence to Parliamentary committees ,she denies  Low Associates are involved in lobbying .

Circle Holdings, has gifted the Tory party £125,000. Circle Holdings plc is a Jersey incorporated company and the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in the UK.

They supply Healthcare, Equipment & Services & Health Care Providers .

Among Circle’s contracts is a £1billion deal to run Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambs. No wonder the Tories don’t do anything about offshore Trusts .

Circle is just one example there are others too many to mention here but all Tory Party Donors .

Other very interested Parties are Politicians not to save our NHS but to rake off from their connections with Companies providing for the ‘Reformed’ NHS .Obviously Lansley is one ,David Cameron , George Osborne , Iain Duncan Smith , Andrew Mitchell ,David Miliband ,Frank Dobson and Alistair Darling .There are another 54 Tory/Labour and Liberal MP’s – Earning Money on the Sick and Elderly . Full list in NHS section at

9. Feb, 2014

Default List of Shameful MP’s to Profit from NHS Privatisation

This is a list of MPs who will make huge amounts of money from sick people because of the privatisation of the NHS that they are forcing through, thanks to Cameron's minority vote in the last election.

 Shaun Woodward /Dr Alasdair McDonnell

David Cameron /Andrew Lansley /Harriet Baldwin

Gregory Barker /Jake Berry /Simon Burns

Nick de Bois/ Andrew Bridgen /Aidan Burley

David Davies /Jonathan Djanogly /Iain Duncan Smith

Philip Dunne /Michael Fallon/ Mark Field

Liam Fox/ George Freeman //Mike Freer

Richard Fuller/ Dominic Grieve/ William Hague

Philip Hammond /Margot James /Mark Lancaster

Oliver Letwin/ Peter Lilley /Tim Loughton

Mary MacLeod/ Francis Maude/ Patrick Mercer

Maria Miller /Andrew Mitchell/ Penny Morduant/

Brooks Newmark /Jesse Norman/ Stephen O’Brien

George Osborne /Richard Ottaway/ Priti Patel

Jacob Rees-Mogg/ John Redwood /Malcolm Rifkind

David Ruffley /Mark Simmonds/ Chris Skidmore

Nicholas Soames /Andrew Tyrie/ David Willets

Rob Wilson /Nadim Zahawi/ Menzies Campbell

Chris Huhne/ Robert Smith/ Rosie Cooper

Alistair Darling/ Frank Dobson/ David Lammy

David Miliband/ Owen Smith /Gisela Suart

9. Feb, 2014



Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham uncovered the links between private health firms and prominent Conservative supporters

£692,592 donor: Paul Ruddock's firm has profited from NHS contracts

Private health care firms with Tory links have been awarded NHS contracts worth nearly £1.5billion.

Circle Health landed £1.36billion worth of health service work after several ­of its investors gifted about £1.5million to the Conservatives.

And Care UK has contracts worth another £102.6million. Its chairman John Nash was made a peer after boosting Tory coffers by £247,250.

Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham, who ­uncovered the figures, fumed: “Nobody gave David Cameron ­permission to sell the NHS to his friends.

“It’s shocking the same Tory donors who ­bankrolled the development of their NHS reorganisation policy are now ­profiting from the sell-off of NHS services.”

Labour’s research shows Circle Health’s parent company, Circle Holdings PLC, is owned by a series of hedge funds.

Lansdowne Partners, with a 29.2% stake, was founded by Sir Paul Ruddock, who donated £692,592 to the Tories.

David Craigen, who gave the party £59,000, is also involved in Lansdowne.

Invesco Perpetual owns 28.7% of Circle Holdings. It was set up by Sir Martyn Arbib, who donated £466,330.


Martyn Arbib £466,330 donor: Martyn Arbib  

Robin Crispin Odey is founder of Odey Asset Management, which owns 14.8%. Mr Odey donated £220,000.

And Michael Platt, founder of BlueCrest Capital, with its 5% stake in Circle Holdings, has gifted the party £125,000.

Among Circle’s contracts is a £1billion deal to run Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambs.

Since the Tories’ hated health reforms became law, its profits have gone up from £64.6million in 2010-11 to £170.4million in 2011-12.

But a spokesman said: “Circle has never made any donations to a political party. The vast majority of Circle’s NHS contracts actually started under the last Labour government.”


JohnNash.tiff £247,250 donor: John Nash  

And a Tory spokesman added: “The decision to contract out ­Hinchingbrooke was taken by Andy Burnham.”

Care UK has been handed a string of NHS deals including prison health care contracts worth £62million.

Its healthcare revenue soared by 63.2% from £189.7million a year in 2012 to £309.5million in 2013.

Chairman Lord Nash and his wife gave £247,250 to the Tories, including £21,000 to former Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley as he drew up the Tory health reforms.