25. Jan, 2014


Across the country, the NHS is being dismantled, downgraded and closed down. These decisions are reckless and defies commonsense considering the  growing population.

Regardless of the rhetoric from Cameron, the systematic collapse of the NHS is at the heart of Tory ideology as recently exposed by the release of government documents from the Thatcher era. What we are seeing now is an attack on the NHS to fulfil Thatcher’s once defeated plans.

The Tories cannot be trusted with the NHS, they gave an election promise they will not cut the NHS and continue to inform the public that spending of the NHS has risen under their term. However, as revealed just before Christmas 2012 the UK Statistics Authority had to warn the goverment about these claims as spending in the NHS had actually been reduced.

Hospitals are seeing closures of wards, A&Es and reductions of  departments with some hospitals even proposing the bizarre such as the capping of births (Eh?!). As regularly documented by Dr Eoin Clarke, thousands of nurses are losing their jobs, including within departments that are still providing care, this is impacting upon capacity and safety of existing services. Ambulance queues have almost doubled in the last two years, A&E waiting times are rising and the real impact of the Health and Social Care Act is yet to take shape.

Reductions of this scale, which are putting the lives of people in direct danger can never be described as improvements or reform, they are quite simply an attempt to eradicate national values and morals, forcibly replacing them with cruel Tory beliefs that healthcare is a privilege and not a right.

The biggest weapon the Tories (and their Lib Dem friends) have to fulfil their vision is public apathy and naivety. The media’s coverage of what this government is doing to the NHS has been intentionally weak and we are being drip fed myths of desired improvements by a manipulating Tory regime. As I have a diabetic brother and my younger sister is being treated for suspected MS, being apathetic, naive and manipulated cannot be an option for me, I am sure that each one of you have similar reasons or experiences why the NHS is important to you.