17. Dec, 2013


In 1983 Thatcher head hunted David Nicholson and hired him to create the Managerial Target Driven agenda  within the NHS.Nicholson with no Medical qualifications at all was the right person for the job in hand at that time which was to ignore the basic fundamental principles of the NHS and run it on a corporate basis .He started with closing most mental hospitals and the patients were farmed out on the Care in the Community Programme .He has continued to Departmentalise the NHS for easier sell off .

 Ever increasing queues to receive operations is beyond fair treatment at present when the full impact of Privatisation kicks in it will be even worse .An ever increasing Aged Population makes it inevitable more people will be seeking treatment for ailments related to old age which will burden the waiting lists beyond tolerance to limited resources .

People will eventually resort to badgering consultants for them to queue jump in order for them to be treated above others .

Naturally individuals will assume their condition worse than others and expect priority which would be a natural reaction and not one borne out of just expecting preferential treatment for any length of time waited ,which in itself is worsening any condition .

We are being forced into Private Hospital Insurance or go without .One way of thinning out the population or pay up .

British People Fought and Died in two World Wars to supposedly safeguard the British way of life ,the basic truth is they all died in vain .RIP



16. Dec, 2013

As I previously have posted this Privatisation was started under Thatcher and Nicholson has taken 30 years to bring it to a conclusion .Many Deaths have unnecessarily occured through a Target Based agenda rather than patient care being the priority -

16. Dec, 2013


RIP NHS, 1948-2012: Cameron gloats as hated Health Bill passed to allow private firms to cash in on care

21 Mar 2012 00:00

A last-ditch bid by Labour to delay the Health and Social Care Bill was defeated by 328 votes to 246 as Lib Dems joined Tories to push it through

Shame: David Cameron rejoiced at NHS demiseShame: David Cameron rejoiced at NHS demise

David Cameron yesterday celebrated the death of the NHS by banging the table in jubilation after his reforms cleared their final hurdle.

The shameful Cabinet scenes came as the hated Health Bill was approved, allowing private firms to cash in on care.

Nick Clegg and cronies joined in the rejoicing which came as the Queen paid tribute to public service workers such as NHS staff in her Diamond Jubilee speech

A last-ditch bid by Labour to delay the Health and Social Care Bill was defeated by 328 votes to 246 as Lib Dems joined Tories to push it through.

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham vowed to repeal it at the first chance. 

He said: “On this day, in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, we should be celebrating what a much-valued social ­institution has done to bind our nation together throughout the 60 years of her reign.

"Instead, we gather to dismantle it.”

The British Medical Association, Royal College of GPs, Royal College of Nursing and dozens of other bodies had opposed the Bill which they warn will spell the end of the NHS and open the door to mass privatisation of services.


Nick Clegg (Pic: PA)Delight: Nick Clegg's Lib Dems helped pushed through the hated Bill

Shadow health minister Liz Kendall said there had been 1,000 Government amendments to the “disastrous” Bill and 374 in the Lords.

She told the Commons: “It is unacceptable that Members in this House have been given so little time to debate these amendments which will affect patients everywhere.”

The Bill needs to be given Royal Assent by the Queen, expected later this week.

Doctors will then get the green light to set up clinical ­commissioning groups.

This patchwork of GPs, which will eventually cover all areas of the country, will be in charge of what treatment patients in their area receive.

They should be set up by April 2013, taking over the job currently done by experts on Primary Care Trusts.

The groups will gradually be handed responsibility for £60billion of NHS funds. 


Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham leads the Drop the Bill Protest against the proposed changes to the NHSFears: Andy Burnham leads the Drop the Bill Protest

Experts say clause 49 of the Bill gives GPs the go-ahead to start charging for some vital services which are now free.

Doctors fear wards – and even entire hospitals – could close if the practitioners send too few patients their way.

A group called Monitor will become the new regulator of health care in England.

It will oversee the process of turning all NHS hospitals into semi-independent trusts.

These hospitals will compete against each other as well private firms, charities and other “qualified providers” for contracts from the GP groups.

16. Dec, 2013


By next year, the wholesale privatisation of the NHS will be complete, and you will be forced to take out private health insurance if you want to be treated at all. If you don’t have a job, then you don’t get healthcare. A bit like in Americaland where people don’t get healthcare because they’re not rich enough. It’ll be like that.

Well, Social Investigations can give you more background on each and every one of these thieves, sorry MPs, but let’s just focus on one or two so that you can get a flavour of what they’re getting out of the privatisation of the NHS:

Nadhim Zahawi, for example, is MP for Stratford-on-Avon, and is also non-executive director of SThree, who specialise in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector. They’ll make more money by supplying staff to private healthcare companies. Hoorah for Nadhim! Moneys coming your way soon!

Jesse Norman, MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, took money for speaking at an event hosted by Quiller, who lobby for Capita – they’re hoping to run NHS Direct, by the way.

Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden. He is non-executive Director of Idox PLC who provide software & managed services to the NHS Health Libraries Group. Oh, and lots of private healthcare companies.

Dominic Grieve, MP for Beaconsfield, has shares in Reckitt Benckhiser, GlaxoSmithKline, Diageo, Astrazeneca and Standard Chartered Health Insurance. Let’s hope those shares go up soon, eh? Oh, they will? How nice is that!

That’s what your politicians are doing. They are paid by private healthcare companies and companies who provide them – or they have shares in them, or they speak for them, and they coincidentally sell off the NHS to the private healthcare companies.

16. Dec, 2013

Default List of Shameful MP’s to Profit from NHS Privatisation

Quote :This is a list of MPs who will make huge amounts of money from sick people because of the privatisation of the NHS that they are forcing through, thanks to Cameron's minority vote in the last election.


Shaun Woodward Dr Alasdair McDonnell

David Cameron Andrew Lansley Harriet Baldwin

Gregory Barker Jake Berry Simon Burns

Nick de Bois Andrew Bridgen Aidan Burley

David Davies Jonathan Djanogly Iain Duncan Smith

Philip Dunne Michael Fallon Mark Field

Liam Fox George Freeman Mike Freer

Richard Fuller Dominic Grieve William Hague

Philip Hammond Margot James Mark Lancaster

Oliver Letwin Peter Lilley Tim Loughton

Mary MacLeod Francis Maude Patrick Mercer

Maria Miller Andrew Mitchell Penny Morduant

Brooks Newmark Jesse Norman Stephen O’Brien

George Osborne Richard Ottaway Priti Patel

Jacob Rees-Mogg John Redwood Malcolm Rifkind

David Ruffley Mark Simmonds Chris Skidmore

Nicholas Soames Andrew Tyrie David Willets

Rob Wilson Nadim Zahawi Menzies Campbell

Chris Huhne Robert Smith Rosie Cooper

Alistair Darling Frank Dobson David Lammy

David Miliband Owen Smith Gisela Suart