12. Nov, 2013


On one hand we had Nationalised Industries failing and costing the Taxpayer Millions and on the other you had the Unions with Unreasonable Leaders and more Power than those Publicly Elected.

With such huge Media coverage the Miners Strike and Scargill opposing Thatcher and her agenda it became a personal battle between them .It did not ease tensions between the two Scargill being a member of the Communist Party and Thatcher on her first meeting with Gorbachev  stating she hated it .Thatcher had introduced a law stating that for strike action a Union Ballot must show a Majority but after three attempts and no Majority Scargill went ahead with one.He antagonised Thatcher and the Government by breaking the Law and annexed many of the miners to form another Union .Thatcher responded by closing 20% of mines and stock piling coal and having hauliers on standby in case of another strike ,she eventually broke the miners and communities. How can just two people have such a devastating unchangeable affect  on millions of lives.

11. Nov, 2013

Thatcher’s Radical Welfare Reforms included the NHS Domiciled Care which was the Deinstitutionalisation of the treating and caring for physically and mentally disabled people in their homes rather than in an institution . Nicholson joined the NHS as a graduate trainee for 10 years he worked in mental health, mainly in Yorkshire, where he was involved in implementing the policy of closing the old asylums and developing care in the community services .Thatcher well aware of Nicholson’s endeavours in Yorkshire and his general input to closing institutions down in favour of Care in the Community and had a new remit for him and his Economics Degree ,to tackle NHS changes from a Company point of view .Coupled with NHS Trusts the outlook for patients was less care and compassion and more target driven goals with finance squarely the main saving of the day.

The National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 was passed.Care in the Community saved the NHS Billions by letting 'carers' ordinary people some relatives do the work that hospitalds did previously .



10. Nov, 2013

Thatcher’s special relationship with Ronald Regan was borne from how the USA confronted and dealt with the ever increasing dilemma over Welfare .She was introduced to the ideas of Unum ,the biggest International Disability Insurer of the World ,started in America in the late 1800’s .Unum is rather policy based on Disability Denial rather than a genuine Medical Insurer  .It has been banned in several States of America as ‘not fit for purpose ‘.Professor John Langbein of the Yale School of Law produced a paper identified as The Unum Provident Scandal that exposed Unum’s policy of disability denial that continues to be referenced to this day.

The former Conservative minister Peter Lilley MP, who was social security secretary

 said he had “no objection in principle” to the WCA, despite almost universal acceptance that it has caused significant harm to thousands of disabled people who laid the groundwork nearly 20 years ago for the much-criticised work capability assessment (WCA) has defended the role he played in developing the “fitness for work” system.UNUM internal link

In a 1992 Tory Party Political speech Peter Lilley told the conference “ I am closing down the something for nothing society .This summer I am making tougher rules for New Aged Travellers most people were sickened as I was by the sight of these spongers descending like locusts demanding benefits with menaces “.

“We are not in the business of subsidising scroungers .We have tightened up on bogus Asylum Seekers it is right to help genuine victims of persecution but not those whose persecution is fraudulent  and its outrageous when people claim when using a dozen invented different names so we have stamped down on forged claims and already nearly 20 thousand have already evaporated into thin air .But there scores of other frauds to tackle “

UnumProvident had been building up its influence since 1994 when Peter Lilley hired John LoCascio its second vice President to reduce the increasing numbers of claims for invalidity and sickness benefits. LoCascio was joined by another key figure, Mansel Aylward, who was to become the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Work and Pensions. They brought the rise in IB claimants to a halt .

Between 1992 and 2002 an estimated 10,000 lawsuits for denial of claims were filed against Unum Provident.

9. Nov, 2013


When a New Prime Minister takes office they only have a vague idea of what state the Country is in as a whole .When in opposition they have to listen to the same Lies and Deceit we the General Public are subjected to .Once settled in their own style of Leadership is imprinted throughout different departments .Their main objectives circulated and everyone settles down to dealing with the job in hand .

Thatcher being the First Women British Prime Minister was determined to make a success of the position but also to look at new innovations for posterities sake she needed to leave a Legacy . Similar to all leading Politicians their Ego’s come first .

Thatcher was introduced to a new initiative from America ‘Globalisation of Energy’ John Wakeham her Energy Minister lauded the schemes praises and here the Corporate Corruption Ball starts rolling and we are introduced to Enron .

Wakeham approved the introduction of the first plant owner as well as supplier to become one ,thus giving birth to the first Deregulated International Power Trader Enron .Wakeham was duly bought by Enron inviting him onto its Board of Directors on £8000 per month plus consultancy fees .He also kept his seat as a voting member of Parliament .

Wakeham then pushed the sell off of every power station in Britain including the supply cables. Thatcher then launched the England-Wales Power Pool it was an Auction House for the sale of Electricty (kilowatts) that would set Electricity prices for Britain based on a Free Market Principle .

It was supposed to make the new private power plant owners bid against each other supposedly to give us the consumer lower bills .Instead they used bid manipulation techniques that allowed them as deregulated companies to fleece us the consumer and their initial investment grew 350% overnight .

Thatcher put Professor Littlechild in charge of regulation to sort out the mess when his term ended in 1998 he landed a job on the Board of one of Enron’s little ‘affiliate companies’ so obviously he did little to alter the process of consumer rip off .Eventually the Tory Government fighting a losing election battle did step in and ban a dubious takeover by American interested parties to jump on the rip a Brit off Band Wagon concerning Energy Pricing.

In 1998 Blair personally overruled Regulaters  to allow Enron and Entegy (Bill Clinton interest) to build new deregulated Power Plants because of a special request from the Clinton White House .    (Far more corrupt procedures were taking place involving the USA Energy Market but too lengthy to repeat and complicate the main issue).