6. Nov, 2013

The Independent Case Examiner

The ICE Annual Report for 2012-2013 is now available.
Independent Case Examiner’s Annual Report 2012-13

The Independent Case Examiner's purpose is to act as an independent referee for people who feel that the following Government Agencies or Businesses have not treated them fairly or have not dealt with complaints in a satisfactory manner. The Agencies/Businesses are:

  • the Child Support Agency
  • Debt Management
  • Pension, Disability and Carers Service
  • the Financial Assistance Scheme
  • Jobcentre Plus (including most Work Provider services)
  • Child Maintenance and Enforcement Division (Northern Ireland)
  • the Northern Ireland Social Security Agency
  • Independent Living Fund

Complainants can approach the Independent Case Examiner's office after they have received a final response to their complaint from the Agency/Business, which they consider to be unsatisfactory. This response must signpost complainants to this office.

It does not cost you anything to make a complaint to the Independent Case Examiner, and the service is open for anyone to use. You should not need to employ professional or other representatives to help you, but you can do so if you want, at your own expense. We are happy to deal with your professional or personal representatives when asked, but we would not usually ask the Agency or Business to pay their fees or other expenses

Joanna Wallace is the Independent Case Examiner (ICE). Her role is to examine complaints made about these Agencies/Businesses, by service users. Joanna Wallace is not a Civil Servant and is not part of the management of any of the Agencies/Businesses. The service provided by her office is free to complainants.

Her career focus has been in health care management working in the UK, US and Europe, although she has also held various non executive roles in the higher and further education and enterprise sectors. She also spent three years as a lay member of the national Sentencing Advisory Panel contributing to setting the guideline tariffs for crimes. Over the last 15 years she has been leading both public and private sector businesses in the UK and has throughout that time been closely involved in and responsible for the resolution of complex issues.

Judging the issues without taking sides

The Independent Case Examiner aims to make a difference to the lives of individuals through the fair examination of their complaints by acting as a catalyst for change to improve the customer service of the Agencies/Businesses with which we are associated.

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