Club Of Rome and The Committee of 300 – AND Membership List

Club Of Rome and The Committee of 300 – AND Membership List

by Hans Christian Faerden on 16/04/2012

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Rome (Photo credit: ryarwood)

Charleston Voice: Club Of Rome and The Committee of 300 – video – AND Membership List – All the information that has surfaced the last few years points at “Commitee of 300″ as the real rulers of this planet, at for the last 200 years or so.

It was this book released some years ago by the former British intelligence officer John Coleman that started the information ball rolling. There is no way we really can confirm the membership list linked here from the website Charleston Voice. They have in their turn gotten it from at member at the forum of another website, But there are many indications when crosschecking with other sources that it may be the membershiplist from some very few years back. A central reason is the mix between royalty, Rotschild familiy and the House of Hannover. The latter is said to be the source of both the royal Windsor family of UK, and the real backers of the Rotschild family. Especially interesting is the link we cxan find between the House of Hannover and the old Italian families of Venice and Florence, especially the Guelph family. More well known among these families are the Borgias and Medicis.

It is also interesting and I believe important to read about the German-Roman Emperors and see the historical links the Germany and Rome to understand anything about the role of Commitee of 300 in 2012. I also believe it is important not to “demonize” all members of the group. Some are most likely forced to be there by their bloodline.

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