4. Apr, 2014

Anne Farr

Anne Farr 4:04pm Apr 4
Excellent post Nigel, couldn`t agree more. We are fast becoming totalitarian and are in for one shock after another as new measures bite us. As dark as it looks, I really believe that a strong human spirit is being kindled.
4. Mar, 2014
  1. I don’t get how you bring the Berlin wall or more precisely it’s demolition into the context of British politicians selling out the UK?
    Yes the demolition (or what it marked and led to follow) has had plenty of negatives in it’s aftermath, but in essence has removed a physical and mental barrier for people (families, friends) to have the opportunity to be with each other.
    Although I do agree with your point on Cameron, Blair and Thatcher and the lot to unethically selling out what isn’t theirs to sell- I do not see why there is a need to suggest Germany, A. Merkel and the EU have contributed to these peoples ignorance.
    Having had (luckily) more opportunity to learn about the initial reasons for the creation of the EU, it’s evolution, the role of the Eu parliament, how it is elected, and what it means to my countrie’s (not the UK) legislation and subsequently myself, I was allowed to also see the plus sides of the EU and indeed benefited in that I was able to study, train and work (and pay my taxes) in Britain just like a UK resident.
    The upheaval in the Ukraine is precisely an example for a country under the control of Russia that on paper is supposed to be independent since 1992, how being part of the EU is more about freedom of speech, human rights and democratic politics (or decision making).
    In the UK, a lot of the dodgy changes, legislation and politics that are blatantly unethical are viewed as such by the EU and the biased media coverage of this has undoubtedly contributed to deter British people to find out how the EU and especially EU law could be useful tools to challenge the UK government (since they are ‘still’ part of these agreements) on many of these.
    I will get worried if the UK (or what’s left of it by then…) decides to ever leave the EU, for then we are truly dependent on the individuals running the show as a monopoly.

    • b-b-p says:

      That’s your opinion . Merkel worked both sides of the wall .The EU is as corrupt as Britain is today .Why if the EU is so wonderful are there Riots in many Member States .You may well understand the theory behind the EU but the practicality is totally another matter .

      • …and I don’t disagree with you at all. What I do disagree on is that bad people or corruptness is the cause or issue of a nationality, an elite and / or a system (such as the EU).

        Particularly with the EU, it worked and still does work well for Germany as they quite literally adhered to many of the legal frame works and somehow seem to have interpreted them into their practice with better results than other government officials in various European countries did…From a German point of view that is fortunate- from a countries view where the interpretation of these legislations led to less positive realities it causes frustration and questioning why that should be.

        The Riots in the member states are not caused by the EU or Germany, but by questionable governments who sell the rights of their people to corrupt and dictatorial systems for a personal financial benefit, and then claim the EU legislation somehow encouraged or even forced them to do so.

        The banking crisis, and how it is dealt with is flawed because of individuals (regardless of nationality, faith or political opinion) opportunistic selfish greed in an environment of a chaotic mess, which incidentally is the same mechanism that caused the crisis- it has not been caused by the EU.

        The Ukraine trouble is because people there want to be independent from Russia and their rather Totalitarian politics. Legally they are a democratic country (since 1992) but Russia isn’t really concerned about that universal agreement and is just behaving like the play ground bully intimidating others to assert it’s control over them.

        Modern media which is largely controlled by corrupt individuals (Murdoch and Co as only one example), and serves for their propaganda to tell us what to do and what not to do so they can continue to feed their personal interests and money consumption. They do not want people to start looking objectively as to what the EU has to offer as they might start questioning how their governments (or more precisely the individuals interpreting and abusing their power) feel they can sell out of what isn’t theirs to sell, but as to what is their responsibility to protect (which is also legislated by the EU but hardly ever mentioned).

        The EU has never claimed it is the perfect system, it is a concept that implies continuous dialogue and evolution to make it work not for a small minority that is in power but for the masses to have liberties, responsibility and freedom.

        And of course there is a big difference in understanding the theory behind something and applying it to and in practice, that is the entire point of having a European system that encourages every member state (and its citizens) to actively contribute in making it work for them and become part of it.
        The concept of the EU was born after two devastating World Wars and France, Britain and Germany were the architects of this vision.

        I basically think that just criticising what doesn’t work and throwing a toddlers tantrum (if I can’t have that- I will not be your friend anymore) isn’t very constructive and will not go very far.

        As a German living in the UK (for 18 years now) I do understand and partially support the UK’s arguments for changing various agreements of the current EU legislation treaty, I am as affected by the negatives as any British person- but I think that this can be done in a better way if all members start to contribute with suggestions and ideas that can be discussed and worked into better practice…

        The inertia caused by bickering, accusing and pointing the finger at each other, is daily played out in British Politics; you’ve done this- you’ve done that…who cares? It’s done. There is so much that needs to be improved, sorted out and got on with- there really isn’t the time to continue long gone arguments that are irrelevant to the process of sorting out the mess together for a better future.

        The only question is: do you want to make it work- or do you want to go your separate way and deal with all the consequences of that by yourself?

        But like you say, it is just my opinion, and I do want to add that it is your blog (which I thoroughly enjoy reading) that led me to think about what you post…

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11. Feb, 2014

User Deborah Rushton wrote the following in response to your comment:
"And STILL the public will vote for them - just like Turkeys voting for Christmas!

Surely it is time for a new system based not on profit and money and competition (which fails even those who work hard and try to be entrepreneurial)!

Our planet cannot sustain the growth necessary for Capitalism, and that capitalism has failed cannot be argued by anyone but the least intellectually capable because one look at the unfaltering misery of the World despite all the technological advances, medical advances, etc., would tell anyone of any intellect and humanity that it has failed.

It has failed the vast majority of the UK public, the European public, and those in American: but it has ripped the minerals and resources from many a 3rd World Country during that time whilst leaving the peoples of those countries to die of hunger and easily curable disease, and to lack education and improvement in their standards of living SIMPLY because it is not profitable to help them!

Truly: money (or the pursuit of vast, un-spendable stocks of it to bolster ones ego and power) is the root of all evil!"

27. Jan, 2014

Comment            I heard this on the news today. I can't even believe my ears when these things are announced in the news without any hesitation or outrage? As if they give you the weather update! Where is the debate, discussions, etc...that is supposedly at the heart of any democracy and every voter's basic right? I recently heard about all those abandoned fracking sites in the States. It was said that all those companies got the funding and grants, and financial support to set up their destructive crap and once they received their pay (with not much to show for it. ie. shale gas) they all buggered off, leaving the locals with all that industrial shit on their doorstep. It is now the tax payer (in the US) who'll have to pick up the cost for cleaning up this mess..

2. Jan, 2014

Şįmoŋę Şįmmoŋş

Şįmoŋę Şįmmoŋş 10:59pm Jan 1
The NHS is all but sold off! Nearly every department is outsourced... Even the ambulances in London are mostly being run by Addison Lee and Louis Mann, the biggest minicab firms in the city! And now they're getting rid of our great consultants, who in most cases are being forced into early retirement, in order to get foreign locums who are a lot cheaper! But in the next few years, only those with money will be able to get medical treatment!