9. May, 2018


Brexit seems to have created a sort of collective madness in our country...

...and let's be honest, the Government's position on the customs/border issue is the absolute epitomy of that madness.

Neither position will work or be acceptable to the EU - (they have already stated this several times) so why in the name of all things holy is May and the rest of the shower of intellectual pygmies in her Government wasting valuable time and money pursuing the impossible?

Still the reckoning is coming ... soon May will have to come down on one side or the other and when she does her party will explode.

May knows the sensible thing to do is remain in the Customs Union but she is slave to the mouth foamers like Rees-Mogg and the right wing media so she carries on pandering to their stupidity and trying to kick the can down the road.




From the ridiculous to the absurd. Whatever side of the Brexit debate you’re on, presumably we can agree the UK’s exit from the EU is a big deal and should be…