7. May, 2018



britain new private police force TM Eye, renamed The Local Bobby conveniently....anyway these red cape/cap uniformed ''Redshirts'' are a third party members of the London police, the retired agents, spies, that can sniff out on crime, fraud, .intellectual property theft and other offences. These rent-a-cop for £200 a month will arrive in 5 minutes for ''protection'' services.
The do have powers of a policeman, make citizens arrests and can gather evidence to launch private prosecutions, track ipads, do anything.
Their field is mostly a term as a 'greet and meet' on services [buses and trains] to be freindly with everyone, as part of a Neighbourhood Watch that'll control over 250 houses miniumum in each area. They have a hotline service and can report to them any suspicious wongdoings, crime., or want someone assessed. They have a hotline

Demand for the $385-a-month service has soared, leading to a nationwide rollout.