7. May, 2018


......and to ensure those private security firms can gaurentee to hit their monthly quotas, let's defund the meddlesome state provided police SERVICE.
Just like a very guilty criminal, and her cronies, would do.
This is literally a CRIME.
Recreating the landscape, so she can redefine what criminal is, in accordance with Tory dogma.
Just like the lords and Kings and Queens of the land used to do, when we was all propa Britissssshhhh, yeah?
Back to how it should be, is my guess to the so-called thought process haunting this vacuous vessels supposed mind. It's the inertia creep of inevitable self serving greed which gives me itches and cramps, when reading about how this cult are casting their odious creed across the land.
You cannot defend destroying a public service, to gift it's remains to private interests.
It's inherently derogatory, inhumane, inconsiderate and elitist.
Not even just theoretically, neither, it is overt, direct exceptionalism, paraded as freedom.

After Grenfel and Windrush, she may well want to deconstruct the moral Infrastructure of our country, as it seems her own skeletons MAY not really bode well, under the cold light of open public scrutiny.

This show of contempt should have us all on the streets, declaring a public strike, and demanding this whole party face actual arrest......just like a hundred other crimes, this hive of villainy have been given the green light on.

Corruption, followed by jam and scones, and tea with vicar.
Then, if you're really lucky, a wild, safari nudist excursion through our very fine fields of wheat, while your personal cady, Dave, serves you roast hogs head, with a gluten free, protein rich white sauce garnish.

This is the kind of action banana republics and dictatorships fantasise over.

Where are the other Moral Guardians?

Hell, I almost want to say where the hell are the police?
Yeah, what Police.

If only corruption and distrust wasn't so rife with the MET, eh?!

Divide and rule.

Crime reduction’ spend by local authorities has been cut in half since 2009/10, falling from £361m to £172m