7. May, 2018


Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck was arrested by the police on Monday afternoon in Vlotho (North Rhine-Westphalia, East Westphalia). This has confirmed the police Herford. Subsequently, the previously issued arrest warrant was announced and "handed over" to the appropriate prison, as it was said. Previously, the Haverbeck confidant and right-wing extremist Markus Walter had confirmed to the NDR magazine Panorama the arrest. it happene in Haverbeck's house. Walter has been campaigning for the notorious Volksverhetzerin Haverbeck for years.

Enforcement order issued

The prosecutor of Verden had previously issued a writ of execution order against Haverbeck. She had not been to prison in Bielefeld last week. Haverbeck had also tried to raise health concerns about going to prison. According to prosecutors, however, there is a medical certificate from April. The certificate of the convicted, to be fit for a prison stay. Most recently, the International Auschwitz Committee called on the police and judiciary to crack down on Haverbeck.

Holocaust denial

The multiple convicted woman was convicted in late August 2017 by the district court of Verden for sedition in eight cases to a two-year prison sentence without parole. Background were contributions of the right-wing extremist in the neo-Nazi sheet "Stimme des Reichs". In it she denied the Holocaust. Haverbeck, who is currently running for the party "The Right" in the European elections, has repeatedly claimed that in Auschwitz no extermination camp, but only a labor camp of the National Socialists existed. Her lawyers argued that these statements are covered by the right to freedom of expression.

Die Polizei hat die Holocaust-Leugnerin Haverbeck gefasst und ins Gefängnis gebracht. Die 89-Jährige war nach ihrer Verurteilung nicht zur Haft angetreten und per Haftbefehl gesucht worden.