6. May, 2018


Breaking: Albany doctor allegedly ran sick human experiments for NXIVM!

This is huge! A NXIVM doctor is accused of doing twisted human experiments on about 100 victims. Did these experiments involve mind control, organ and adrenochrome harvesting? Were some of these victims children and infants?

Also, this article details how this doctor forced his victims to watch possible snuff films, gang rape films and videos of cannibalism.

Do you guys believe Pizzagate now? And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The takedown of NXIVM will expose the global Satanic pedophile networks of the world!

#Pedogate #Pizzagate #QAnon

A doctor described as the resident physician to the twisted upstate sex cult Nxivm has been charged by a state oversight board with illegally conducting…