6. May, 2018


“Great exclusive from the Yorkshire Post. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling lied during the General Election that Midland Mainline electrification was going ahead, knowing he had already decided to cancel it.
Grayling should resign.”
David Prescott

“Exactly one year ago, Mr Grayling stood on a windswept station platform at Wakefield and appeared to reject suggestions that the planned electrification of the Midland Mainline was under threat. “We’ve made promises and we endeavour to keep our promises,” he told The Yorkshire Post in May 2017.

“Now the National Audit Office reveals that Mr Grayling must already have known that the decision had been taken to cancel this upgrade – and other schemes – in March 2017 but still chose to utter his now – and then, it transpires – meaningless reassurances.”

THE truth can finally be revealed about how Transport Secretary Chris Grayling misled this newspaper and the region’s commuters during last year’s election…