6. May, 2018


. . . the last cruzaders image from the early days did not sold anymore, they lost a lot of money with the self-produced 'Rattle and Hum' movie, had to decide to go down and broke with music for girls or to start new; and he called himself McPhisto, made it bigger than the Stones . . . on 'street credibillity', what street shall that be? . . . no one can blame an artist to want a bit comfort in life, and he is still an absolutely extraordinairy artist . . . as enhanced stage technician I worked in the Zoo TV and the Zooropa tours in german shows, and seen later ones, they tour absolutely state of the art technics, like else only the Stones . . . in the 80s he stormed big corporation head offices, good cop bad cop stylee, together with Boomtown Rats' Bob Geldof, Bono ahead "Who is here the Elvis, where's the Boss", they collected millions for africa, no other artist will ever do; then he slipt into a bad society, hung around with the W and Billy Boy Clinton and co., societal company colours