5. May, 2018


Filthy sons of the hell. Like a dirty fly that was sitting on the poop for a few hours on a hot, sunny day, and now's assaulting our fresh donut. May the retarded bimbos indoctrinate monkeys upon the trees !!! (They many times look too similar). The chimps may attack them impatient and tear the pink/green wigs out of their STUPID HEADS !!! ... What about the people who complain they were indoctrinated by the LGBT perverts as the little kids, in consequence they changed the sex, to very much regret it soon after that, and changing the sex again back to their origin ?!!... WHAT A WASTE OF THE CHILDHOOD !!! Filthy perverts mess up with the kids' nature before the child wants to consider the sexuality at all, before the child even recognizes the difference between the friend and the enemy, between the love and the abuse, between the love making and the abuse by the trafficker and a PSYOPS asset - vile demon, pain into the children's life !!! ... Home schooling, home schooling folks, if you want your kids in a proper mental health !!! And yes, I JUST SAID WHAT I EXACTLY MEAN !!! NO TO THE SEX ASSAULT OF THE KIDS AND TO THE STUPID RETARDS WHO DO NOT GET IT !!!

Thank you for sharing the article Kane Mann, I could not stop myself from sharing it for the second time with my spontaneous intro, AND YES, I SAID THIS OUT LOUD !!!

The approved materials teach kids about using fruit as 'sex toys.'