5. May, 2018


John Swanwick Bradbury, 1st Baron Bradbury GCB (23 September 1872 – 3 May 1950) was a British economist and Public Servant .He joined the Civil Service in 1896. He served as Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer H. H. Asquith from 1905 to 1908, as Principal Clerk in the Treasury and First Treasury Officer of Accounts from 1908 to 1911, as Joint Permanent Secretary to the Treasury from 1913 to 1919 and as the Principal British Delegate to the Reparations Commission in Paris from 1919 to 1925. During the First World War he was the government’s chief economic adviser.

Banknotes in the UK are normally issued by the Bank of England and a number of commercial banks .But at the start of the First World War, the Currency and Bank Notes Act 1914 was passed which gave the Treasury temporary powers for issuing banknotes to the value of £1 and 10/- (ten shillings) in the UK. Treasury notes had full legal tender status but were not convertible for gold through the Bank of England .
Two American Presidents were going to introduce this system to thwart the Federal Reserve from having the Monopoly on Money .Both were assassinated Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy .

Why did we invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein was going to ditch the Dollar for the Euro . Why did we invade Libya because Muammar al-Gaddafi was ditching the dollar for the Gold Dinar .
I met a group of students in Lincoln whom had set up a points system of currency between the Unemployed .Anything can be used as a currency as long as those involved all use it .For example if an Unemployed joiner wanted to have a pair of jeans taken up he would contact a seamstress who would alot an amount of points for that particular job .Those points she then had in credit .If she wanted a new lamp holder replacing she could then use those points to have the job done then those points would be transferred to the Electrician .

Any Government can create a Countries own currency ,but why should they ,they are all earning millions as it is from the Public Purse and the thought of Assassination might not bode well .

It seems we the Public have no redress whatsoever except for a collective voice to be used to highlight our total dissatisfaction with the Status Quo . Whomever gets into Power at the next Election we must strive for some safeguards for our and children’s future that’s why we should advocate that Politicians be more accountable before the next Election. Please sign the Petition for more accountability from MPS. If you sign you want to make changes if you do not things will get worse because they have been accepted . The Petition is slowly but surely gaining momentum be part of a change that is totally needed https://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/justice http://brokenbritishpolitics.simplesite.com

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