4. May, 2018


If you have transferred your pension, or part of it in the last 40 years.. you could be due compensation and not even know it.

Thousands of Brits have taken huge losses to their pension funds, without even realising it. If these losses were due to bad advice or mis-selling - you could be owed up to £50,000 in compensation.

Even if you haven't seen any significant losses to your pension fund, it is still worth checking, as you could have received an undervaluation of your pension investment and still have a claim.

Ways you could have been mis-sold:

[MIS-SOLD] - If you were not fully informed about the risks involved

[MIS-SOLD] - If you were sold a pension that was riskier than your attitude to risk

[MIS-SOLD] - If you were not fully informed about how your money would be invested

[MIS-SOLD] - If you were advised to opt-out of your occupational pension scheme

[MIS-SOLD] - If you were not made aware of the commissions being paid to the financial advisor

When checking is this simple and won't cost you a penny, and if a claim is found you are under no-obligation to it - what's stopping you?

This could really give you the retirement you'd hoped for.

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