2. May, 2018


I write this as a lawyer in the hope that you will understand and come to the NHS - Dying for Good Health Conference 12 May Nottingham - Royal Albert Hall. 10 am to 6 .

We are liveing the totalitarian state endured by our forebears during the WW2. The cull of the "useless eaters" ( those that cannot work) has been in full force for some time. It has been effective the Liverpool Care Pathway ( now rebranded) which has the same definition as Teirgarten 4 has taken the lives of countless babies and children. They used a Hillborough case to reclass food and water as medical treatment. The disabled are got through benefit cuts. The staff are programmed to be mercy nurses doctors through NLP Common Purpose Courses . Alfie and Charlie may have been "fixed up " in Italy and the US respectively but they still would not have been able to work or generate revenue on their birth certficate a share. Professor Pullincino states that 130,000 elderley have been killed via the LCP in the NHS. The children are Asset stripped for their organs hence " Alderhay scandal of the 90s " and the " Northern Organ Hoard Scandal . The elderley for their estates hence the secret Court of Protection. We must come together and atleast show the regime that we are awake. The sugar tax put aspartam the water and that with GM crops et al has resulted in a much depressed and supressed populus .

The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is being used on babies and cancer patients who might benefit from treatment.