2. May, 2018


Dawn Foster is right; the Thatcher government failed to create a nation of homeowners and instead created a nation beholden to the 2% of the population who are landlords.

Thatcher also gave national and international speculators the freedom to grab any amount of British land in limited supply for their private benefit. Their land has exploded in value since the 1980s so granting landlords and land owners trillions of unearned wealth, income from which is shipped overseas to taxhavens.

In 2015 there were 5.4m tenants renting privately and 2.2m council tenants in England. For tenants there is no explosion of unearned wealth and no option but to pay their taxes while their rents provide a second profit and maintain the assets of ever wealthier landlords.

MP's on The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee are inquiring into Land Value Capture as are those of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Land Value Capture.

MP's therefore will soon have the opportunity to recommend that some of the huge unearned combined wealth of the landlords and land owners is made available for the common good.

Rev Paul Nicolson,
Taxpayers Against Poverty


Millennials are not the only ones in overpriced housing. Baby boomers are among the landlords’ victims too, says Guardian columnist Dawn Foster