29. Apr, 2018


We must NOT allow this shame to be forgotten!

"It should be ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to see your fellow human beings as PROPERTY, as prey, or as objects to be abused or exploited!"

From Eric Brewer: "If you don't think we need these memorials read some of the excerpts from the article about the reactions to it:

"“It’s going to cause an uproar and open old wounds,” said Mikki Keenan, a 58-year-old longtime Montgomery resident, who was eating lunch at a southern country-style restaurant a mile from the memorial. Local residents, she said, feel “it’s a waste of money, a waste of space and it’s bringing up bullshit”.

Alabama’s Republican governor Kay Ivey wasn’t present at the memorial launch, but did release a video promoting her efforts to preserve Confederate monuments a week prior.

“Bring that stuff to light, and let it be there, but don’t dwell on it,” said Tommy Rhodes, a member of the Alabama Sons of Confederate Veterans. “We have moved past it … You don’t want to entice them and feed any fuel to the fire.”

Randall Hughey, another member who also owns a local radio station, emphasized his support of the museum – but also repeatedly questioned the veracity of its facts.

“They have every right to have the memorial, if it’s accurate,” he said, adding that he was perplexed by reports of more than 4,000 lynchings.

“That seems pretty incredible to me that there would be that many documented lynchings … That was not the norm.”

Mary Massey, a 58-year-old nurse on her way to lunch in Montgomery, expressed disdain at the project: “We didn’t have nothing to do with that. I think they just need to leave it alone. It’s just stirring up something.”
(link thx to Olga Bourlin!)

The brutal new memorial to the South’s dark side has left some in Alabama frustrated and angry at its insistence on confronting the past