28. Apr, 2018


GOP-led House Intel Panel Clears Trump: No Evidence of Collusion With Russia
The Republican-led House intelligence committee on Friday officially declared the end of its Russia probe, saying in its final report that it found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded  Read More ›
Trump Praises Korea Peace But Others Are Skeptical: Here Is Wall Street's Take
Shortly after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed on Friday to finally end a seven-decade war this year, and signed a declaration to p Read More ›
Mystery: Two Broward County Sheriff’s deputies have died since the Parkland, Florida shootings and no one knows why
As noted by the Fellowship of the Minds blog, the first deputy, Jason Fitzsimmons, was found dead around April 1 after calling in sick to  Read More ›
Socialist Dystopia: Venezuelans Assaulted By Police Outside Socialist Health Ministry
Disarmed by the government, desperate and ill Venezuelans are being threatened by armed agents of the state as they try to get the medicine they had been promised by the collectivist system,  Read More ›
How Long Can You Survive When Medical Assistance Is NOT Coming?
Protect your family with the most comprehensive guide to medical survival ever created while everyone else waits for help... Read More ›
The FOUR deadly diseases you're likely to encounter in a collapse: PRINT this and archive
In a collapse, public health services like water purification and sewage disposal will come to a standstill, spurring all sorts of diseases that can take your life. That’s why 
Read More ›
The Blowback Against Facebook, Google And Amazon Is Just Beginning
The blowback is just getting started, as people awaken to the dangers posed by these fast-metastasizing tech quasi-monopolies.The most dangerous dynamics in America are the erosion Read More ›
'Guam Killer' Missile Can Hit US Base With Precision, China Says
China confirmed on Thursday that it had put into a service a new missile that Chinese media has dubbed the "Guam killer" for its ability to hit the U.S. Pacific Ocean base with precision and with either a conventional or nuclear weapon. Read More ›
Trump: Comey 'Very Sick or Very Dumb'
President Donald Trump slammed former FBI director James Comey in a Friday morning tweet. Read More ›
A tale of two Bills: Cosby goes to jail for 30 years for sexually abusing women but Bill Clinton can rape them and remain free
Following the verdict, District Attorney Kevin Steele said the disgraced star “was a man who evaded this moment for far too long.” Read More ›
Here Are The "Missing" Strzok-Page Texts The DOJ Handed Over To Congress
The Justice department has finally produced 49 pages comprising around 300 previously "missing" text messages sent between two  Read More ›