27. Apr, 2018


So, is there anything that the Conservatives have done whilst in office, that is lawful?

It's beginning to get harder to tell these days, from changing laws in favour of rich landlords, through to destroying our children's education, our front-line essential services, our police forces and our fire service, our NHS, culling the sick and disabled to the tune of over 100,000, and then finally May herself stepping outside of democratic process to bomb another country.

And now McVile is back and in the news with the seemingly illegal Universal Credit, which is already massively over budget and making people's lives an absolute misery.

Let's cut to the chase here. The Tories are a negative and destructive force that serves none but themselves and their rich friends, and our country is now the laughing stock of the developed world because of their self-serving, deleterious dodgy dealings.

Let's do what is necessary to start the wrecking ball in motion that will destroy this abomination of a party, and remove their controlling influence on our cities on May 3rd.

It's time they were gone....

Vote of No Confidence in the UK Conservatives