27. Apr, 2018


Face it, Brexit isn't going to happen...anyone with an ounce of nous can see that now and equally anyone with an ounce of nous should realise the longer we cling to this utterly deluded idea the more damaging it will be.

Losing EU passporting rights for our financial services will cripple the economy just by itself.

May cannot solve the Irish border issue either with NI staying in the CU/SM and creating a hard border in the Irish Sea and no amount of magical thinking can alter that.

We don't think this Government will last much beyond the summer as the rabid Brexit ferrets in her party won't let her drop the red lines and the DUP won't allow NI to have a hard border with the UK and the EU wont give us an exit deal let alone an FTA without the Irish border issue being resolved to it's satisfaction (not ours)

On top of all that May's Brexit bill is in deep deep trouble with her suffering multiple defeats in the HoL in the last fortnight and some very sticky commons votes coming up.

Moral of the story? Plans based on pure fantasy always collapse!



Theresa May has been reduced to “pleading” with the EU to give British financial firms access to sell services into the single market after Brexit without having to…