26. Apr, 2018


'The government is crashing toward the critical stages of Brexit negotiations. In 11 months we leave the EU and enter a transition period. The prime minister can no longer rely on warm platitudes or catchy phrases, but will soon be judged on the reality of the deal she achieves (or worse, the no-deal she ends up with). The success of Brexit now hinges fundamentally on two questions: whether our new relationship with the EU will put the British economy first, and whether the Good Friday agreement, which has brought lasting peace in Northern Ireland, will be respected.

To achieve both outcomes, the UK must negotiate a new customs union with the EU. This would ensure that no Northern Irish border is necessary. It would also maintain the frictionless movement of goods into and out of the country, keeping many of the benefits of trade with the EU.'

Cross-party agreement on the issue has left the prime minister isolated and facing a showdown in the Commons on Thursday, says Peter Dowd, the shadow chief…