22. Apr, 2018


I'm telling you, the holocaust didn't happen. At the end of this video, they gas 3 dudes just like it was reported they did it in the holocaust, and they didn't die. The Jews say it took half an hour for everybody to die in the gas chambers.

Before that, they show how the Red Cross would periodically make visits to the concentration camps to check on everything! And no, the Red Cross reported no gas chambers, or executions...

Maybe 13 minutes in, they show how there does not exist any record of any Nazi plan or order to kill the Jews, by either gas or any other means.

How is this possible, that a lie could be so well-believed? War propaganda? Illuminati, people. The Jews were Illuminati way before the Illuminati. The Illuminati copied their kabbalah, which is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Can't rule the world without it.

Holocaust Examination Hosted by Dr. Fredrick Töben