20. Apr, 2018


This is very true.

Pride in your country is derided. It is portrayed as racist, as bigoted, as xenophobic. I see so many sneering comments about “flag wavers” usually from people with an EU flag on their profile 🙄

I say, bollocks and these fools demonstrate their own prejudices. Britishness is about our community. It’s about the country we all built together. No matter who you are or where you come from. There is no shame in celebrating what we all have achieved and shared together.

And personally I am proud of us. Our silly humour. Our quirkiness. Our bravery and courage to believe in ourselves and be independent in the face of threats abuse and even ridicule.

I love this country. So there.

5 hrs ·

The Brexit vote showed an overhelrmong majority of the Great British Public are proud of this country and believe its best days lie ahead!

PATRIOTIC Britons are increasingly afraid to show their national pride in public for fear of ridicule or abuse, a study has found.