20. Apr, 2018


BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday Leeds Cannabis Social Club had to defend the right to protest in the form of 420 in Hyde Park after Leeds Council tried to have a court injunction ruled against the traditional celebration.

The Judge called the application "draconian" and ruled against the council's request to have everyone arrested as they entered the park.

If you are nearer Leeds and were thinking of travelling to London because you think that is where all the action is think again! LEEDS NEEDS YOU!

We cannot allow the authorities to try and use laws designed to protect us as weapons to silence our Human Right to freely assemble in public spaces, and to freely express ourselves on the issue of public policy.

This years 420 in Hyde Park Leeds is more about liberty and civil rights than ever before. Please go to show your support for cannabis law reform in the UK and to send a strong message to all councils around the UK that cannabis consumers are members of the public too and we want an equal place in society.


Wednesday 18th April 2018, Leeds Cannabis Social Club were summoned to a county court hearing after the groundskeeper of Hyde Park filed to have an…