20. Apr, 2018


The more you study the REAL history of Winston Churchill, the more difficult it becomes to believe he has such a great reputation.

He is renowned as the statesman who defeated Hitler. But when you study Churchill's ideals, especially his views on race, one of the first figures he reminds you of is Hitler himself.

Churchill's record as a peace-time politician, at least away from the books written by the starry-eyed historians, was pretty piss-poor. And his record as a military leader was a lot more chequered - both ethically and in success-rate - than is generally acknowledged.

In the end, the only reason Churchill is lionised as our country's greatest war hero is that he happened to be the man delivering the speeches while the USSR and the USA destroyed our enemies in Germany and Japan on our behalf, while we tidied up the minimal threat posed by the Italians.

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