20. Apr, 2018


"This general pattern of shutting down any and all left-wing arguments and scrutiny — even though we are an utterly marginalised faction in a media afflicted by suffocating groupthink — is deeply and profoundly sinister. But it is also part and parcel of something else — an attempt to delegitimise the left as a political force.

There is a massive disconnect between where the media is and the political reality of the country. Rather than attempting to bridge that gap, the media is doubling down, and treating the left as barbarians at the gate who have to be kept out at all costs. So-called ‘centrist’ commentators who represent almost no substantial body of public opinion are back to treating the left with derision and contempt.

It is going to get more hostile and more difficult, I’m afraid. But it is worth pointing out what is going on. The attempt to delegitimise the left will intensify, and get much more sinister."

In the last month there has been a deliberate, determined attempt to turn the clock back on the general election result on 8th June 2017…