18. Apr, 2018


When Theresa May introduced savage new anti-immigrant rules in 2014 only 18 MPs were brave enough to point out the flaws in the legislation and vote against it.

The rest of the Westminster establishment club were so afraid of the UKIP anti-immigrant juggernaut that they blithely went along with Theresa May's extreme-right UKIP pandering by voting in favour (295 mainly Tories & Lib-Dems) or abstaining (all of the Labour Party right-wingers).

Now that it's become clear that these rules have been used to dehumanise, deny employment and health care, and even deport British citizens from the Windrush generation, I think it's important that we look back and recognise who these brave 18 MPs were.

Back in 2014 the then Home Secretary Theresa May introduced new immigration rules designed to create a 'hostile environment' for immigr...