17. Apr, 2018


Remember all the heated debates about whether the Brexit Campaign had been responsible for the huge increase in hate crimes? Here it is from the Horses mouth from its Communications Director Andy Wigmore.

After the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, he said the campaign thought that "maybe we have gone too far", with Mr Farage fearing Leave would lose the referendum vote a few days later. But he said that in the event there was "no shift in the dial" from voters outside London who "understood" the message behind Ukip's controversial Breaking Point poster.

Mr Wigmore told Dr Briant: "The propaganda machine of the Nazis, for instance - you take away all the hideous horror and that kind of stuff, it was very clever, the way they managed to do what they did.

"In its pure marketing sense, you can see the logic of what they were saying, why they were saying it, and how they presented things, and the imagery.

"And looking at that now, in hindsight, having been on the sharp end of this campaign, you think: crikey, this is not new, and it's just ... using the tools that you have at the time."
So they made the connection between the murder of Jo Cox and their Campaign themselves...but it didn't matter because it didn't effect the outcome for them...really?

Are we all now looking forward to living in a Country under the sway of such "values" as these?

Andy Wigmore was communications director for Leave.EU, fronted by Nigel Farage and funded by millionaire Arron Banks