17. Apr, 2018



SOCIAL CLEANSING - Social Cleansing is the Removal of what can be considered "undesirable" social elements, such as Criminals ,Working Class ,Benefit Claimants and the Homeless.
Cameron's attack on Benefits have forced thousands of Poorer People to move to Outer London or beyond . Property prices have an Annual rise of 18% no doubt a manipulated market ..
The combination of benefit “Reforms” have forced Poorer People, including Pensioners who have worked all their lives, Hard Working unskilled people, the Disabled and the Ill to move . Life changing disruptions against people are sure to have dire consequences .Unsettled Pensioners and those with Medical or Psychiatric conditions are bound to have their treatment disrupted causing further distress .
Cameron’s ‘Bigger Society ‘ involves having an Elitist Population of the Biggest Money Laundering Capital in the World .We the Population are skint because most of the Monetary Transactions are Under the Table .HSBC was formed in 1991 as a ‘Holding Company’ just one of many .
Thousands of Public Lives are at Risk through Stressful related conditions because of these Draconian Measures inflicting Poverty ,Insecure Working Conditions ,Tory Upheaval of the NHS ,Benefit Sanctions and the total uncertainty of where this Regime is going because all we are fed is Deceitful Lies whilst everything is done underhand.
But to Cameron this is a worthwhile Price to Pay for his ‘Bigger Society ‘ because once again it is us that are paying .Please sign the Petition if you agree Politicians need bringing to Book Hopefully it’s a start in the right direction . https://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/justice

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