14. Apr, 2018


Wow! I rarely say something is a must-watch - least of all something on the corporate US media. But here for 5 mins, Prof Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University – admittedly looking like he might get his head bitten off for his honesty – rides roughshod over the whole Washington (and UK) consensus about Syria.

He even references the covert CIA operation Timber Sycamore to finance, arm and train Arab "rebels" to help them overthrow the Syrian government. He blames the US for stoking what he terms a proxy war, and for the resulting deaths of 600,000 Syrians. He reminds us that the US covert war against Syria began during Obama's watch, and alludes to the liberal media's pivotal role in inciting for war.

Can someone explain to me why voices of sanity like this are entirely absent from the BBC and the comment pages of the Guardian?

Sachs explain the American tragedy of the Syrian civil war and why the only answer now is to get out and negotiate an end to the war.