14. Apr, 2018


Just when I thought the Tories could not get any worse... Theresa May takes us into yet another wreckless conflict. This time, without a vote. Without a mandate. Without a plan. Without public backing. Without evidence. Without the UN. How is she going to deal with Brexit now?

This has very little to do with saving lives or overthrowing a dictator. It is just a convenient excuse for her to get involved. Otherwise, Theresa May would not have congratulated Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi or still be selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

They are such hypocrites - it makes me so angry... and sometimes our MPs need to be reminded of their responsibility. There wasn't even a chance for them to vote against this attack, so I guess they collectively have none...

This time it is down to May and those who cheered her on. I suppose while she is almost universally hated she might as well try something to get the meat-heads onside.

People like her will do as she pleases, at an unfathomable expense - in money and in lives, both our's and more likely Syria's.

Insincere, deceitful bastards like Theresa May, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are continuously jeopardising our chances of survival on this planet. They never, ever do what's truly right, there is always money involved and there is always money available for war.

We should not still be doing this in 2018.

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