13. Apr, 2018


For well over a year now there has been a contrived witch-hunt against Trump trying to evidence links between him and the Kremlin in the hope that some kind of "Russian influence" would be discovered. I don't believe that there was ever anything to find but, that this campaign of persecution has always had a far more sinister motive.

The insatiably greedy megalomaniacs who thrive on war and destruction and who require the continued unfettered flow of public money into the machinery of war (not to mention the very lucrative "rebuilding" contracts) have known for some time that Trump was likely to attempt to normalise relations between the west and Russia. Indeed, this and his promise to stop interfering in the internal affairs of others and bring US service personnel home were amongst the reasons for his popular support amongst ordinary Americans, the kind whose sons, daughters, husbands and wives are sent off to fight and die in places they've never previously heard of and, all too often, for nothing.

If Trump had not sided with these people against Russia and Syria on the back of what we all know are false flag attacks, those same psychopaths would now be pointing the finger and yelling "we told you so", with or without any evidence. Well, it will of course be without, because it can be said with some certainty that there isn't any.

I believe he's been set up and I only hope that he has planned an escape route to stop these lunatics dragging all of us into yet another wholly unjustified war.

Nigel Farage has turned his back on US President Donald Trump, as the former UKIP chief cautioned Britain against intervening alongside the US in Syria.