12. Apr, 2018



Larry Elliott (People want homes, jobs, a future: no wonder they distrust capitalism now) rightly comments that "in the new post-cold war politics, parties that once believed their job was to make capitalism work for voters now believed their task was to make voters fit for capitalism".

However the convoluted thinking of the capitalists now in power is achieving the exact opposite. Their euphemism for "fit for captalism" is "fit for work".

A two child limit is put on the payment of unemployment benefits. The exclusions are listed as those born as result of multiple birth, adopted children in parental caring arrangements & born as a result of non-consensual sex. They forget all children are equally valuable and leave the remaining children, above two per impoverished family, at risk of debilitating life time poverty. It ought not be too difficult for a government to work out that if you cut housing benefit while rents go up and freeze the increases of other benefit incomes needed for food, fuel and other necessities or even stop them while prices rise, then more and more families will not be able to pay the rent, eat food or keep warm; therefore more and more will be homeless, fall ill and die young.

The prevention of ill health is worth every penny of our money a government spends on an adequate and fair benefit system. Of course unemployed people should look for work but a policy of enforced deprivation means our valuable fellow citizens are not fit for work and the British economy is unfit for the world.


Post-cold war politics shifted to the right, and ordinary people suffered. Mainstream parties need to know what went wrong, writes Guardian economics editor Larry…