12. Apr, 2018


It is time for the compassionate majority to speak out and vote wisely.

Every child is equally valuable and we don't punish the innocent to make a political point.

3 million children are not only hit by the “two child limit” they are hit by sanctions, cuts, caps and council tax, debt, hunger & ill health.



Thank you for signing the letter deploring the two child limit on tax credits with other national faith leaders. That mistaken policy came in on top of the shredding of benefit incomes by £18bn since 2011 and as part of a further shredding of £12bn by 2020.

I hope you and other faith leaders will also speak out about;

1.The bedroom tax, the benefit cap and the local housing allowance. They all cut housing benefit which leaves rent to be paid from Universal Credit or child tax credits. In other words the very low benefit income intended, and desperately needed, for food, water, fuel, clothes, transport and other necessities has been required to pay rent since 2011 as a matter of national government policy.

2. The council tax benefit has also been cut since 2013, with the same consequences as the above cut in housing benefit made worse by enforcement of arrears through the magistrates court and the bailiffs both of whose costs are added to the benefit claimants the council tax arrears. Haringey Council alone took 11,000 benefit claimants to court for late or non payment of council tax last year as a matter of local government policy.

3. The benefit sanction, the universal credit and the zero hours contract stop for up to three months that "very low income income intended, and desperately needed, for food, water, fuel, clothes, transport and other necessities" as a matter of national government policy.

The consequence of all three policies is debilitating debt & hunger which is known to damage mental and physical health as shown by the Institute of Health Equity, the Equality Trust and the Psychiatrists Against Austerity on our website.


There has been an unprecedented rise in Infant deaths in 2015 &16 among the babies of the UK’s poorest mothers.

The full text TAP's letter is on our website.