9. Apr, 2018



"818 indecent images and movies spanning from June 2005 to November 2015 were found on Maitland's laptop.

Maitland, who had described catching paedophiles as his ‘passion’ and his ‘livelihood’, had a private video collection of the girl he assaulted."

So clearly he was supplying child porn - so who is dealing with his customers? all over the world? surely the CAIT Team are into Child Porn Industry and rely on the media for criminal cover-up"

So the media think by putting out he is locked up, without investigating who his customers were of the Barnet LONDON CAIT TEAM is the end of the story - not!

We can't even be sure he is actually locked up since the investigation is incomplete. There is nothing on my internet search about an officer by the name of DC Christopher Maitland

Detective Constable Christopher Maitland, 40, of Widey View, Plymouth, who worked for the anti-abuse unit, admitted twice sexually assaulting the girl in…