7. Apr, 2018


What I would like the BBC to investigate:
Re: Salisbury
-Why did Boris Johnson claim that Porton Down had said that the nerve-agent came from Russia when it had said no such thing.
-Was it actually a nerve-agent? The Porton Down report said that it was Novichok or closely related, but the hospital consultant wrote to the Times saying that no-one was being treated for nerve-agent poisoning.
-Why have two of those affected recovered so quickly when reports have said that there is no known antidote to Novichok?
-Why did it take so long for the Skripals to be affected, while the only other casualty was the now recovered police detective?
-What was the detective's role? How did he come to be involved?
-Why has the detective not been interviewed?
-Why has the hospital consultant not been interviewed, nor any of the hospital staff?
-Why have there been no photos or videos of the Skripals since they have been affected?
-What other evidence has the Government provided that may support their case that Russia was responsible?
-What evidence did the UK government give to other governments and NATO to win their support in ejecting Russian diplomats?
-What other governments or agencies might also reasonably be suspected of attempting to assassinate the Skripals?
-Why has the BBC not treated this issue as a major story, considering the dangers of a confrontation with a nuclear super-power?

Royal weddings, Brexit and gun control aside - tell us what else you want to know.