3. Apr, 2018


I know this will be controversial, but I believe the Me Too movement, whilst raising important concerns, has become about 'mob rule' These men were tried in a court of law by a jury of men and women. They were named and would have had weeks of question marks over their backs. I am not going to say they are definitely innocent but I must respect the fact the jury has obviously considered them to be so- or at least seen the case too weak to find them guilty. On the wider issues, it is plain wrong for protesters to claim the accusers (who don't have their names sullied) are ALWAYS telling the truth and defendants MUST be guilty. That mentality is dangerous. The jury would have heard information these protesters did not. It seems to me that they are only interested in a guilty verdict and not ascertaining the truth. Imagine being accused of a serious crime and thousands of people demand you be punished despite being found not guilty in a court of law! In my view it is also high time defendants were given anonymity as well because naming them is already punishment even if found innocent. Of course genuine victims should get justice, but demanding a guilty verdict to please a popular movement is borderline anarchy. Do these protesters think they know more than the jury?

Thousands of people on both sides of the Irish border have joined a second day of street protests over the handling of a rape trial of two Ireland rugby…