31. Mar, 2018


Has Satire, become the new truth perhaps? With the latest shenanigans of the Blairites allied with the Tories, it would sometimes seem so.

As the blue-tinged, right-wing element of the Labour party appear now to be using the latest anti-semitism smear to discredit their leader though, people are missing the important issues again.

Brexit has just been revealed to have been nothing more than an exercise in full-on cheating, although the result itself will still be respected (would that happen in a school examination?), the poor continue to starve, homelessness escalates further, and the Tories themselves run around like Chickens with no heads, U-Turning on some of their more unpopular policies in a devious and concerted attempt to try and win votes in elections that are predicted to be dire for them.

Do people REALLY think that the Tories have suddenly found their souls?

Remember, the Devil never gives them back once you've sold them to him....

A spokeman for the PM said. "We welcome the renewed smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, because it takes the heat off us at an awkward moment."