30. Mar, 2018


Over the course of that flight I witnessed a Prince who was stuffy, curmudgeonly, out of touch and arrogant. His little grey henchmen, all older men like him, (whom he barked at non stop), spent the entire flight rushing around like flustered nanas in suits, putting Scottish oat cakes onto silver platters with cheese, cutting the tops off his boiled eggs, taking him drinks in, yes, his own glass.
At one point in the night I got up to use the toilet. I was stopped by a raised arm from a bodyguard. "Go back to your seat," he directed me, "you'll have to wait."
"Yes I'll wait," I replied, thinking he was stating the obvious.
"No, wait back at your seat," he ordered.
Turns out one is not allowed to wait outside a loo while one's royal highness is peeing.
Usually I don't believe the allegations made in these unauthorised biographies, but this time personal experience tells me much of the claims are spot on.

COMMENT: Criticisms in new book about Prince Charles are likely spot on.