26. Mar, 2018


Ok, racism. Let's have a look.

I'm gonna start with our foreign, yes FOREIGN sec Boris Johnson.
2002 - called black people "piccaninnies."
2008 - "black people have lower IQs."
2008 - "Carabeans multiply like flies."

2011 - Tory MP Aidan Burle organised a Nazi themed stag party.

From David Cameron down during the London mayor campaign they claimed Sadiq Khan was a threat to security because he's Muslim. Inventing extremist scares.
2008 - Cameron, "Free school trips to Auschitz are just gimmick."

2009 - Tory MP David Wilshire, "the expenses scandal has left us feeling like Hews in a Nazi concentration camp."

2010 - Tory Cllr Smith Benson, "Too many P***s in town."

2015 - Tory stalwart Oliver Letwin, "Black people have bad moral attitudes."

Here's the full list of 27. We know who the real racists are. Ignore the media. They lie to you. JC4PM

Zac Goldsmith's campaign has been slammed for 'dog whistle' tactics. Here's a list of times the Tories have had a racism problem and what, if anything, they did about it