25. Mar, 2018


I can imagine this is going to cause an absolute uproar shortly across the UK. What am I talking about? The roll out of the 5G antenna system which is already causing huge problems across communities in the USA.

Why should this be a problem? Well, to put it simply 5G wifi networks do not work at all well where the foliage of trees obstruct the signal. So what are the powers that be planning to do about this?

Yep, you guessed it - chop all of the trees down in residential neighbourhoods so everyone can 'enjoy' super fast 5G broadband. This is the real reason why perfectly healthy trees are being cut down in their thousands across tree lined streets in the city of Sheffield but this is just the start of the roll out of the program.

Soon enough this same measure will be implemented across the UK to every village, town and city. Now can you just imagine the uproar this policy will bring about as communities up and down the country go absolutely mental (and quite rightly so) at having perfectly healthy trees cut down in their hundreds of thousands? Of course the contractors don't mind at all as they'll be getting their hands on another free natural resource, all of the timber which they can then sell for the purposes of making more flat pack furniture and other crap.

The powers that be will say that many of these trees pose a hazard to the public, for example to wheelchair users or people using a walking stick and that for reasons of health and safety these trees in their millions will need to be cut down, dramatically changing the British landscape for generations whilst of course failing to inform the public about the high cancer risk potential caused directly by these many weaponised 5G masts which frequencies literally fry anything in very close range to them.

No I am not a tin foil hat wearer. This is not a conspiracy theory. If you doubt me go to Youtube and watch this:


You can bury your head in the sand for sure and pretend that we're not on the cusp of this happening right here in the UK or you can wake up and start to fully realise what our government have got planned for community neighbourhoods up and down the length and breadth of this country and take action now to ensure you minimise the risks to you and your family.

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