25. Mar, 2018


If this account is true then some current assumptions are clearly wrong.

We learn that despite assertions by some in Putins government, the Soviet Union did manufacture this type of agent in the 1980's.

But we also learn that Novichok has escaped from Russian state control in the past.

And the stuff was only made in a liquid form not a powder and as far the scientist (who made the stuff) was aware, was always a single chemical, and never existed as two separate chemicals you combine.

Both of these facts were misreported by most of our media who we can assume got them from a government briefing.

Also noteworthy is the reaffirmation of how lethal this stuff is...the scientist definitely seems surprised that anyone survived contact with it.

Whilst Putin still remains the top suspect, it seems, based on the evidence we are party to, that the claim there can be no other explanation than it was him is logically incorrect...

And that also begs the question why our Government seems so intent on creating an international incident with Russia before we know for certain who did it and why they are putting (if this scientist is to be believed) info into the public realm that is wrong.

This whole thing stinks and the muddying of the waters by both the UK and Russia and the ramping up of the bellicose rhetoric on both sides should worry anyone with a brain...

Don't know about you folks, but we don't want to be led into a new cold war until we know all the facts...if it turns out it was Putin then Russia should be isolated and have sanctions applied, but until that is proven 'banging the drums of war' like many Tories, the media and some bitter old red Tories the Labour party have been doing is utterly irresponsible.



Vladimir Uglev, developer of Soviet-era chemical weapons, contradicts Russian denials at existence of novichok nerve agents