25. Mar, 2018


Why are South Yorkshire Police not intervening?

Why are the police standing by whilst members of the public are being assaulted by private contractors?

Why are the police not acting on their oath to serve the public?

Why are the police not stepping in to stop a breach of the peace from occurring?

I think this matter deserves urgent attention, otherwise public trust in the police in the UK will be seriously eroded.

How is it that in some instances the police will not respond to crimes taking place on their patch even when they occur right in front of their eyes?

Why are the police are so quick to arrest a lady on public order offences for something as innocent as tooting a plastic toy horn, but won't take action when an elderly gentleman is being directly intimidated right in front of them?

Why is there this double standard in modern policing today? Is this the hallmark of a modern western democracy in the 21st century?

How come the police are so quick to act in some instances and not at all when serious crimes against the public or the local community happen on their patch?

Why are the police arresting local councilors for simply carrying out their duty of care towards members of the public?


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There was literally mayhem on the streets of Sheffield this…