23. Mar, 2018


It's absolutely obvious what the right-wing Labour MPs are up to. They're going to do as much internal wrecking as possible in the hope of causing poor local election results, with the aim of using the fallout as another excuse to have a crack at deposing Jeremy Corbyn.

Anyone who thinks that this kind of deliberate wrecking behaviour is too outrageous even for the Progress mob must have forgotten about all the plotting and scheming in 2016 already.

The fact that they're willing to use thousands of Labour candidates up and down the country as disposable pawns in their cynical self-serving power games just goes to show what kind ofcynical self-serving people they really are. Especially when they didn't try these internal wrecking tactics during GE2017, when they knew their own seats would have been under threat.

The sheer cynicism of the Labour right-wingers never ceases to amaze. The timing of their latest manoeuvres just before the local electio...